Heart Mystics

Heart Focus

The heart is the key to the Divine Source, through primary force and energy of compassion…

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Inner Wisdom

Wisdom is best conveyed through direct experience, without the demands of outside influence…

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When the personality self is transformed, the Divine light fills the inner rooms of the soul…

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From The Message by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

…it is something which must come from themselves, a realization which must spring from their own heart, that the soul may become convinced from itself, and from within, without outer teaching. 

Spiritual Gallery


for contemplation

Meditation upon an image can open new doorways an inroads to spiritual growth and understanding.

Inner Doorway

Embellished with intricate carvings, the threshold bore witness to years of transitions, inviting one to step beyond into the sanctuary of secrets held within.

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Spiritual Garden

Shadows danced amidst the tranquil foliage, weaving whispers of ancient wisdom into the night, where the fragrance of flowers mingled with the mystic energy of the lunar beams.

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Sufi Compassion

The saint’s serene countenance exuded a tranquil wisdom that seemed to transcend the canvas, inviting reverence and contemplation of the divine journey within.

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Spiritual Guide

Their gaze, a wellspring of compassion and understanding, offered guidance that transcended mere words, gently illuminating the path towards enlightenment.

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Right Effort

The quest of inner insight begins with balance and contemplation. Through the transformative aspect of spiritual work, one retrains the mind, which changes our reactions to the outer world. For this reason, it is important to match silence with effort.

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Open the path to the Divine…

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